MediaFade regularly reaches out to new and established filmmakers above-the-line. The interviews aim at gleaning insights, tips, or advice for young, emerging, and established directors, producers, writers, actors, editors, and cinematographers.

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Mark Sanderson, a produced screenwriter of 20+ scripts, takes viewers on the business side of the business. He outlines:


Rejection, and


Tanya B., a 5-time optioned scripwriter and doctor. She gives the DNA of a professional script.

Lee Jessup, a scriptwriting career coach, discusses the challenges and opportunities in a screenwriting career.

Adam G., a commissioning editor from a major talent agency in London, discusses producing for television.

Faisal K., a literary talent agent in Los Angeles, talks about how he can spot good writers and how writers can maximize their chance in Hollywood.

Ahmad I, Egyptian actor and voice-over talent, showcases the competencies needed for the crafts. 

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