MediaFade reaches out to both new and established directors. Whether you work in film or television, you can join the site. Directors can start networking, uploading their reels, finding possible crew members for their projects and accordingly building a crew, and applying to other services soon.

The directors below are from Hollywood and / or different countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and others. If you would like to contact any, simply take note of them and reach out to this website at We would respond to you ASAP.

Sarah Sbu-Jbain Arab producer

Sara A.

Jordan director and producer

Firas Khoury Jordan - Palestinian director

Firas K.

Jordan - Palestinian director

Fahmi Farahat

Fahmi. F.

German-Saudi Arabian director

Omar Abdal-Nabi Jordan director

Omar A.

Jordan director

Mazen Malas Middle East director

Mazen M.

Jordan director

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